Red Caped Bib Fortuna MOC: This is one of the most convincing faked carded figures to have ever reached the secondary market since it managed to fool several knowledgeable collectors. Ever since a Bib Fortuna with red cape appeared in Kenner literature, collectors have been claiming these were spotted in package as a production item. To make the situation worse, most of the SW price guides list this as a production item. The reality is that no red caped Bib Fortunas have turned up from production runs. There are a couple of these in Kenner baggies that came from Kenner employees.

This particular carded version was formed by opening a carded Bib Fortuna and resealing the bubble. Although the picture doesn't convey it, upon close examination, it is astonishing how well this was carried out. It is surprisingly easy to create a fake carded figure much to my dismay.

Description: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of Chris Georgoulias