Maintained by Gus Lopez (gus@theswca.com)

This is the gallery for the most convincing fakes to reach the secondary market, where the faked item came close to fooling a panel of experts. Look at each of these items closely and see if you can tell how it was created. Always be careful when buying rare items. For some rarities (e.g. rocket firing Boba Fett, red caped Bib Fortuna, and Revenge of the Jedi advance poster), there are more fakes on market than the real thing.

oFx_Master Fake "Bootlegs" (Anonymous)
oFake Kenner ESB Trade Ad (Ron Salvatore)
oFake POTF Leia Carded Figure (Jordan Hembrough aka Hollywood Heroes)
oFake POTF Cloud Car Pilot Carded Figure (Jordan Hembrough aka Hollywood Heroes)
oFake POTF C-3PO Case (Jordan Hembrough aka Hollywood Heroes)
oRepro Talking Yoda Heads (Andy Loney)
oRed Caped Bib Fortuna MOC (E Chu Ta)
oFake 12-back Vinyl Cape Jawa (Anonymous)
oFake VC Jawa Cardback and Bubble (Craig Owen)
oFake Canadian 12 back Vinyl Cape Jawa (Stuart Simpson)
oFake Carded Lili Ledy Vinyl Cape Jawa (Todd Chamberlain)
oMeccano Vinyl Cape Jawa MOC
oBlue EV-9D9 "2-up" Hardcopy (Gus Lopez)
oBlue 8D8 "2-up" Hardcopy (Chris Georgoulias)
oBlue Power Droid Micro Collection 4-up (Rob Amantea)
oBlue Yoda Micro Collection 4-up (Rob Amantea)
oUnproduced Emperor Blue 4-up (Rob Amantea)
oUnproduced C-3PO From Torture Chamber Blue 4-up (Rob Amantea)
oUnproduced R2-D2 From Dagobah Blue 4-up (Rob Amantea)

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