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Kenner and it's foreign counterparts produced small "in-package" catalogs the entire time they marketed Star Wars products. Catalogs were also produced by other SW toy licensees in many countries. In the case of Kenner, These consumer catalogs were found inside the boxes of most of their toys and mail-in premiums. From the first catalog which was bundled with the Early Bird figures to the Planetary Maps which were available during the Droids and Ewoks toy line, Kenner constantly updated their toy catalogs. These catalogs often show neat photographs and sometimes include preliminary designs and early mock-ups.

In addition to these in-pack catalogs, the toy companies also printed brochures and flyers in order to drum up interest in sweepstakes and other special offers. The catalogs and similar consumer items are broken up into eras corresponding with each major movie release and each is defined by its particular cover.

 Kenner Star Wars Consumer Catalogs
oHildebrandt Artwork - small "Early Bird" version (Chris Georgoulias)
oHildebrandt Artwork (Chris Georgoulias)
oX-Wing (Chris Georgoulias)
oX-Wing with pink insert (Chris Georgoulias)
oBurger Chef (Chris Georgoulias)
oDeath Star Space Scene (Chris Georgoulias)
oLarge Action Figures - Cash Refunds (Chris Georgoulias)
oCash Rebate Form - Stormtrooper (Chris Georgoulias)
oCash Rebate Form - Jawa (Chris Georgoulias)
oCash Rebate Form - Jawa and Sand People (Chris Georgoulias)

 Kenner Empire Strikes Back Consumer Catalogs
o The Empire Strikes Back logo (Chris Georgoulias)
o Yoda and Luke (Chris Georgoulias)
o Collections (Silver) (Chris Georgoulias)
o 1980 Sweepstakes Flyer (Chris Georgoulias)

 Kenner Return of the Jedi Consumer Catalogs
o Emperor's Royal Guards (Chris Georgoulias)
o Jabba the Hutt (Chris Georgoulias)
o Revenge of the Jedi flyer (Chris Georgoulias)
o Return of the Jedi flyer (Chris Georgoulias)

 Kenner Power of the Force Consumer Catalogs
o Planetary Map - The Planet Tatooine (Chris Georgoulias)
o Planetary Map - The Death Stars (Chris Georgoulias)
o Planetary Map - Endor the Sanctuary Moon (Chris Georgoulias)
o Cash Rebates - ROTJ and POTF toys (Chris Georgoulias)

 Foreign Consumer Toy Catalogs
oEngland: SW Palitoy - cardboard Death Star playset (Chris Georgoulias)
oGermany: SW Hildebrandt Artwork (Chris Georgoulias)
o Japan: ESB Popy Boxed Figures (Chris Georgoulias)
o Germany: ROTJ Sweepstakes Brochure (Chris Georgoulias)
oSwedish Power of the Force Catalog (Mattias Rendahl)

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