Unproduced Large Weapons: Boba Fett Wrist Blaster? No way! Everyone's favorite cult hero and Galaxy magazine's selling secret lends his arsenal to the toy industry. Or should I say he "almost" did. Forget the Rocket Firing figure you never got in the mail and think about this toy for a second. It fires foam tipped darts, kind of like the old Spiderman webslingers. This would have been the perfect accessory to that old Halloween costume most of us had. You remember, the one you had to make a backpack and missile for. Also shown here is the ROTJ lightsaber similar to the Droids version. The blade is retractable, but the detailed hilt and blade color set this far apart from the other one. Oh yeah, there's a laser rifle somewhere in here too. The text on the sheet reads:

Kid-Sized Toys
Toys designed for realistic Star Wars Fantasy play

Light Sword

Laser Rifle

Wrist Blaster

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of Steve Denny