Toy Fair and Dealer Catalogs
Maintained by Chris Georgoulias

Kenner distributed a wide variety of catalogs to toy retailers by way of Toy Fair and general catalog updates over the years. Many of these catalogs show photography of prototype figures and display mock-ups that were never released to the public. In addition to this, lots of packaging mock-ups are shown within these pages as well. These catalogs give collectors a glimpse into the business side of Kenner as well as a look at how the Star Wars toy line was marketed. Many of the displays contained in the catalogs show stock numbers and shipping weights so that they could be ordered by retailers. Retailers were also shown "Plan-o-grams" or ways to arrange the Star Wars products on their floor to promote sales. Some foreign companies also released similar catalogs to those of Kenner. These are interesting for they sometimes feature earlier mock up versions of figures that aren't seen in regular Kenner catalogs. In the interest of space and focus, only the catalog pages with Star Wars content are shown here.


oFall 1977 Products (Chris Georgoulias)

o1978 Catalog (Chris Georgoulias)
o1978 January/February Products (Chris Georgoulias)
oKenner 1978 The Force and More Promotional Booklet (Anonymous)
oKenner 1978 Spring Promotions Booklet (Anonymous)
o1978 Spring Supplement (Chris Georgoulias)
o1978 June Supplement (Chris Georgoulias)

o1979 Catalog (Chris Georgoulias)
o1979 Department Store Program (Chris Georgoulias)
o1979 Repro Art Book (Chris Georgoulias)
o1979 January/February Products (Chris Georgoulias)
o1979 Spring Supplement (Chris Georgoulias)
oSee Threepio (C-3P0) Walkie Talkies

o1980 Pre-Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1980 Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1980 Department Store Program (Chris Georgoulias)
oKenner 1980 Yoda Action Figure Retailer Catalog Insert (John Wooten)
o1980 Ad Plans (Chris Georgoulias)

o1981 Pre-Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1981 Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1981 Department Store Program (Chris Georgoulias)
o1981 Ad Plans (Chris Georgoulias)
oKenner 1981 Repro Art Book (Anonymous)

o1982 Pre-Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1982 Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1982 Repro Art Book (Chris Georgoulias)
o1982 Rebate Offer Package (Chris Georgoulias)
o1982 Fall Offer (Chris Georgoulias)
o1982 Department Store Program (Chris Georgoulias)
o1982 Consumer Promotions (Ron Salvatore)
o1982 Ad Plans (Chris Georgoulias)

o1983 Pre-Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1983 Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
oKenner 1983 Department Store Program (Anonymous)
o1983 Toy Fair Promotional Flyer (Justin Greenfield)
o1983 Number 1 in Fun! (Chris Georgoulias)
o1983 Repro Art Book (Chris Georgoulias)

o1984 Pre-Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Collector Series (Chris Georgoulias)
oRide-On Speeder Bike Offer (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Ad Plans (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Consumer Promotions (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Go For The Gold (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Go For The Gold Ad Plans (Chris Georgoulias)
o1984 Prepack Program (Chris Georgoulias)

o1985 Pre-Toy Fair (Dax Riley)
o1985 Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1985 Consumer Promotions (Chris Georgoulias)
o1985 Prepack Program

o1986 Pre-Toy Fair (Chris Georgoulias)
o1986 Toy Fair (Dax Riley)
o1986 Ad Plans (Chris Georgoulias)
o1986 Repro Art Book

o1978 Toltoys Catalog (Dax Riley)

o1979 Toltoys Catalog (Dax Riley)

o1980 Toltoys Catalog (Dax Riley)

o1981 Toltoys Catalog (Dax Riley)

o1978 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1979 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1980 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)
o1980 Miro/Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1981 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1982 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1983 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1984 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

o1985 Meccano Catalog (Stephane Faucourt)

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