POTF Yak Face and POTF Anakin Skywalker: The elusive POTF Yak face seems to have been upstaged these days with the SW Boba Fett and the vinyl caped Jawa. It still is, however, one of the most expensive SW figures to buy. This figure was available in Australia, Asia, and Canada to an extent. It was never available stateside. Notice the French writing on the card. The weapon included with the figure is the same as Nikto's and Barada's. The coin is a nice prize as well. Anakin looks magnificent in this photo and is another one of the top notch figures to add to one's carded collection. It is one of only 3 SW figures to have original artwork used as the character photo - the other 2 being Walrusman, and Boba Fett (who later had a movie photo used on the later ROTJ cards).

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: George Emmons
From the collection of George Emmons