Star Wars 1978 Release Three Pack - Hero Set: Here we have one of the toughest Kenner 3-packs to locate, the original Hero Set. The set was one of a trio of 3-packs to be released in 1978, the first year these special sets were offered, and as you can see, its packaging features the "Long Play" logo and white price sticker area found on 12-Back carded figures. The rarity of this set probably owes something to the inclusion among its figures of Princess Leia. Historically, female figures have been poor sellers, and Kenner may have intentionally shipped less of these sets in order to counter this. Its a mystery to me why Luke Skywalker wasn't included instead of Leia. The next year, however, in its sophomore crop of 3-packs, Kenner issued a new Hero Set, which replaced the Leia with the then newly-released figure, Luke Skywalker in X-Wing outfit.

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Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: DollEmail
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