(Darth Vader)

Russian POTF2 Bootlegs on Vintage Style Cardbacks: The Archive doesn't normally feature many modern pieces but these bootlegs are just to cool not to. Sadly, not much is known about these bootlegs as they are exceedingly difficult to track down. All are based on the original POTF2 molds and come with accessories but it's the cardbacks that really make these stand out. While most POTF2 bootlegs come on cardbacks that mimic the red/ orange or green beam POTF2 cards these come on cardbacks reminiscent of the vintage Polish/ Hungarian/ Russian cardbacks. Not only do they come on square cards with bubbles stapled on but the artwork is very reminiscent of old propaganda posters. Did I mention that this is one cool series of bootlegs? :^)

Pictured on this page are 4 of the known figures in this series. Bossk is the only one to have shown up in a color variation thus far and it is worth noting that it also has a weapon variation. The production POTF2 Bossk came with 2 different weapons while each of the bootlegs that has surfaced has either/or. All of the bootlegs on this page are the only ones to have shown up thus far with the exception of Yoda where an identical specimen has turned up. I've been told that there could be as many as 10 different bootlegs in this series but it has yet to be confirmed.


(Bossk 1)

(Bossk 2)


(Close-up of symbol)

Though many years apart from the vintage Russian bootlegs there is one similarity. As you can see, in the close-up above, in the lower left hand corner of the card appears the same symbol from all of the vintage Russian figures. Whether this means that the same company made all of the figures has yet to be determined but it is a very strong link.

If anybody has any information as to what other figures appeared in this seires I'd be most interested in finding out. Please send any information to alvarez@toysrgus.com

Description: John J. Alvarez
Photo: Joseph Yglesias, John J. Alvarez, and Chad Boatman
From the collections of Joseph Yglesias, John J. Alvarez, and Chad Boatman