Polish Biker Scout Figure: Some of these bootlegs are remarkably different from their licensed counterparts. For the most part, they are much shorter and not as brightly colored. The stances are usually quite different as well, but this is because they were bashing parts from different figures to come up with these things. The weirdest one is the Princess Leia figure. The differences here are nothing short of apparent as it seems they used the arms and legs of an AT-AT Driver with the head and body of a Leia figure to create this thing. And the silver painted hair muffs round it out nicely. The size differences can be attributed to shrinkage from the injection molding process. To get an idea of just how much size difference is possible, check out the Luke X-Wing Pilot and Biker Scout figures.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Ray Rutyna
From the collection of Ray Rutyna