Hobby Archive-1990

Year In Review

The vintage years are over, and a new era begins. 1990 did not have a great many huge events, but it did see several very important milestones in the history of the hobby.

Prequel rumors abound, and fans search for clues about when the new films will be released.


Kenner Prototypes are rescued from destruction
Tom Neiheisel is granted access to the "Dead Files" of Kenner's Packaging Department, and is given 48 hours to take whatever he wants before it is destroyed. This represents one of the single most important events the hobby would ever have.

Toy Shop Scrapbook
Collector Chris Georgoulias' Toy Shop scrapbook begins.

"Fall of the Republic" prequel story treatment makes its way around the internet.
By 1990, almost every fan had read what was rumored at the time to be the actual story treatment for the last chapter of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The origins of this work is still rather mysterious, but an eager fan-base was desperate for anything whether it was real or not.

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