Hobby Archive-1977-1989

Year In Review

The start of it all. the groudwork for everything that would ever happen in the hobby, was laid during this time period. All of the vintage toys would be released, most of the current collecting community either started collecting during these years, or was born during them. Discussion would begin on the new thing called the "internet". All in all, some of the most exciting years the hobby ever had.

A New Hope, The Emprire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are released

Kenner released its vintage line of toys and accessories


Kenner's Toy Fair Displays
During these years, the Kenner products were displayed at Toy Fair.

The Emprire Strikes Back 10th Anniversary Convention is held
One of the first big collector events, it would be the precursor of many to come.

Collectors get their start
Many collectors first begin their collections during this period..

Memorable Threads

"Star Wars III"
06/09/82: Just when is Revenge of the Jedi coming out anyway?.

"Star Wars Spoiler"
10/15/82: The community debates whether Darth Vader is indeed Luke's father.

"Jedi to conclude Star Wars era"
10/30/82: the news is released that fans will have to wait till 1990 for TPM.

"Official Jedi Spoilers"
02/22/83: Exciting new information on Return of the Jedi! Do the Rebels lose? Will Luke join the Darkside?

"ROTJ ramblings"
06/13/83: A review of ROTJ. The Ewoks were annoying then as well.

"Ewoks and NutraSweet"
07/30/85: Discussion on the new Ewoks and Droids cartoon shows!

The SWCA:HHA Newsstand
The Newsstand

A collection of newspaper clippings and store ads related to the vintage Star Wars era.

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