Cast and Crew Room

Norwegian Unit Empire Strikes Back parka

Display case of cast and crew items: lucite stars, company Christmas cards, Lucasfilm and ILM yearbooks, invitations, patches, and more, Empire Strikes Back box flats for Boba Fett, IG-88, Darth Vader, and C-3PO, and Star Wars crew jackets.

Display case of cast and crew t shirts, jackets, and caps.

Unproduced Luke Skywalker Cookie Jar, Frito Lay In-House Awards, Jawa Proof Cards, Deathstar Droid Prototype, Black Cape Squid Head, Telescoping Saber Figures, Preschool R2-D2, Jabba Conceptual Prototypes, Preschool Ewoks Paint Masters, R2-D2 Dagobah Micro Prototypes, Micro Bespin Guard Prototypes, Hoth Stormtrooper 2up Action Master Hardcopy, Unproduced Luke in Robes Figure, ...

Jawa and R2-D2 Empire Strikes Back doll flats.

Stormtrooper and Obi-Wan Empire Strikes Back doll flats, Norwegian Unit Empire Strikes Back Crew patches, Master Replicas FX Lightsabers.

Master replicas props, Chewbacca Empire Strikes Back doll flat, Empire Norwegian Unit parka.

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