Master Bedroom

Star Wars Food Items: packaging, premiums, and store displays

ice cream from Australia, bottle caps from Japan, Dog Chow premium from Australia, yogurts from England

Panrico Droids and Ewoks pastry premiums from Spain, Star Tours milk, Star Wars vitamins, Empire Strikes Back Burger King glasses, and Hershey's Whatchamacallit 6-pack tray

Hi-C drink labels, Hershey Rolo 6-pack tray, Hershey's Chocolate 6-pack tray, Nestle necklace premiums, Mc Donald's tumbler from Australia

Lyon's Maid A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back ice cream wrappers, Dairylea Droids and Ewoks cheese box, York peanut butter premium discs, Burger Chef fun meal tent display, Nestle's Crunch wrapper, Dutch UFO potato chip sticker premiums.

Mount Stitch

Shelves of Lilo and Stitch collectibles

Chef Boyardee Star Wars items, Kinder Egg hippos, Pringles sunglasses

Pepsi cans from Japan, Bimbo cake from Mexico, BN cookies from France, Le Gaulois magnets from France

Plush MM characters, plush Kinder Egg hippos, Japanese fish flakes, Gogurt, and many other food items.

Plush Ewoks Tag Cromalin

Celebration 3 Collector's Panel Trading Cards Uncut Sheet

Amazon Auctions Ad Proof

Aboriginal artwork gift from Mark Salotti and Stitch jar lamp

Alderaan painting by Philip Vanni's mom, Star Wars curtains, and Yellow Submarine lamp

Beatles Shrine: Yellow Submarine lunch box and thermos, Corgi Yellow sub, MacFarlane figures, Yellow Sub for peace button, John Lennon & Paul McCartney mug, Yellow Submarine puzzle, Sgt. Pepper glass jar miniature, kaleidoscopes, Yellow Submarine buttons, Yellow Submarine cookie jar

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