Basement Room 3

Tunisian Star Wars Props: Door, Pod Crate, Moisture Vaporator

Star Wars Props: Krayt Dragon Bones, Death Star surface, Fruit Stand, Mos Espa Fruit, Door Switches, Archway Ribbing, Moisture Vaporator Pieces, Set Decorations, Lars Homestead section, ...

Star Wars Props: Mamoth Krayt Dragon Bone, "Kentucky Fried Camel" sign from road to Mos Espa set, Magnet-shaped prop from Pod Race (where Kitster and Wald watch race).

Endor Bunker from Return of the Jedi

Hoth Stormtrooper cod piece and Krayt Dragon rib bone.

Episode I set design cut outs, Krayt Dragon bone, Episode I Slave Quarter door ribbing.

Large Krayt Dragon bone piece

Star Wars Props: 2D Moisture Vaporators for distance shots and pod crate cover.

Star Wars Props: Various set pieces from Watto's junkyard, piping from Mos Espa building, and lifesize Jar Jar.

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